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  •         The entire class fee is due PRIOR to the day of the class.
  •         Class minimum is three (3).  Supplies, kits and instructors have to be coordinated, so no exceptions.  Sign up early!
  •         Class maximums are based on how much equipment and personnel can fit into the classroom, usually 10 to 12.
  •         If HHQ cancels a class, a full refund either to your card or via store credit will be given.
  •         If attendees cancel – we must get notification 72 hours prior to the class date to receive a store credit – no refunds.              An exception to that would be if we have a waiting list or a replacement is found for the slot.
  •         Attendees are responsible for picking up supply lists and coming prepared to the class.  Please procure fabric and                  supplies prior to the day of the class.
  •         Purchase supplies for the class on the day of registration or within 7 days of the class to receive a 10% discount. The            discount cannot be combined with any other discount and is only applicable to class requirements – not on the kits                designed for the class.  It is your responsibility to engage the cashier for this discount as she may not know about                  your class schedule.
  •         Class fees cover instruction only unless otherwise stated.
  •         Kit & Design fees will be published separately if applicable.
  •         Some classes must adhere to Copyright laws that require each student to purchase the book or pattern required for              the class.  The exception for now is the OESD Embroidery Classes.
  •         The shop does not provide any supplies for classes or clubs.

  •         We are currently servicing only Bernina machines.
  •         We will sew in all machines to verify working condition – so bring the cord and foot control with the machine.
  •         We ask that all accessories are left at home.
  •         We will expect the owner to sign a sheet acknowledging what was told to intake personnel and verifying what parts &          accessories were given to HHQ at the time of intake.
  •         We will NOT make determinations of “if” your machine needs a COA at the time of repair.  We are not going to close a            dirty machine.  So just like a colonoscopy – if we get inside – we will do what is necessary! 😊
  •         A new needle will be put into the machine at the time of service and the old one will be kept should the owner want it            back.
  •         We will make every effort during repair to keep the owner appraised of possible extenuating charges.  Anything under          $25 will be understood as part of repair costs.
  •         We reserve the right to dispose of any machines left at the shop for more than 30 days after repair/maintenance                    notification.
  •         An exception to this policy can be made by making prior arrangements so that we know in advance.  (Snowbirds out              for the winter, etc.)
  •         We reserve the right to refuse service.
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