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Summer Is Here!

Everyone seems to be out and about for summer!  We've had to make a few schedule changes as a result.

Featherweight and Serger Club have been postponed to restart in the fall on an alternate every other month basis as a trial.  We believe everyone wanted to do everything and it became too much of a commitment.  Remember these are "clubs" and they belong to you.  You have to share/teach and gain knowledge from each other.  HHQ staff are there because they have a passion and want to share in the learnings too so if you have something cool you have learned - please call and let us know you are willing to teach one of these months so we can communicate the project and get everyone re-energized.
Featherweight will meet September & November.
Serger Club will meet August, October and December.

We are also going to restructure our Mastery Class Offerings.  While we have taught them for anyone wanting to take them for two years, we feel like the cycle of those wanting to hone up on their skills has passed.  We will now be offering Mastery on appointment basis only so that we can have like kind machines in the room.  It is pretty distracting to have several models in the room at the same time.  The first time will be free as usual, but we will always be willing to teach the machines by appointment for $30/hour.  So if you have a special technique you can't get going, just call in, we will schedule an appointment and teach that technique - which is where we hope to focus our efforts going forward with shorter training sessions!  Stay tuned.

6/6 Knubees
6/12 Westalee Sampler Quilt with added make up class on 6/19
6/15 Canceled Serger Club till August.
6/17 Westalee Continuum
6/18 Embroidery Training (For All Machine Types With Embroidery) - Anita Goodesign Double Wedding Ring - Sew Fun!!!
6/19 Westalee Make Up Class for Sampler Folks
6/19 CFA
6/20 S&B
6/22 Charity Sew & Pot Luck
6/24 Canceled Featherweight till September
6/25 & 26 - Tuffet Class - Sign Up Now so we have enough Kits for everyone.
6/27 - Open Sew & Pot Luck - Shop is Providing Hogies!  This was moved twice due to conflicts so please make a note of this new date.

7/1  Bee Sew Happy
7/4  Closed for July 4th Festivities 
7/4  (Knubees Alternate Date/Location????)
7/6  Final Schedule Mastery Class
7/9  Open Sew Pot Luck - Banana Split Day!!!
7/12 Heirloom Dresses with Lenice Garrison (She will make your dress for day 2 if you don't want to make the dress.)
7/13 Smocking 101 with Lenice Garrison - Please sign up!  Lenice is driving from Little Rock and we have to know if these classes will make for her to make the trip.
7/16 Embroidery Training (For All Machine Types With Embroidery) - We will begin working on the OESD Christmas Village - Free Standing Lace - Attendees can purchase the separate village pieces or the full set for a 20% estimated discount.  We will do this for two months and then take a time out to do some pumpkins for fall and then finish up our Christmas collections. 
7/17 CFA
7/18 S&B
7/19 Batik Hearts with Sheryl White!!  That heart quilt you have been drooling over in the shop!  We finally got Sheryl to teach it!  Sign up because you will need to collect those batiks!
7/20 Canceled Serger Club
7/22 Canceled Featherweight Club
7/30 Judy Niemeyer Sew Day with Judy Bowers

We have several classes in the defining stages that we will be adding along the way.  Additionally, we will be starting a beginner learning to make a quilt class in August.  We already have our first attendee signed up.  If you want to learn to machine quilt - Sign Up for Beginner Machine Quilting!

Skip & I are heading to Bernina University next week!  We can't wait to share what new products and offerings are coming down the pike!  Hint - 820 and 830 owners are about to get a REALLY GREAT SURPRISE!!!

Come See Us at Hickory Hill!!!  

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