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Good Morning All Hickory Hill Fans!

While we are closed on July 4th in observance of Independence Day, we are offering a SALE on July 5th and 6th!  We are going to try something a little different!  We will have a 40% off item for each of you if you come in during the sale.  The catch - you have to get the password to use at the register for the item from my Facebook page!  It is out there now!  Get it before coming into the store (no saying it out loud in the store!).  I'm going to be doing this going forward in an effort to get you to like, follow and share my Facebook page so you see them pop up when I put them out there.  It will also help you stay tuned.

The item this time is the large can of 505 spray at 40% off!  I have 6 cases - so I think I have plenty, but it will be while supplies last.

What else is on sale???
As usual, the sale nook and the 40% off bolts will have an additional 10% off, so some bolts will be 50% off!  Minimum 1 Yard cuts.  Finish a bolt to get a total of 20% off.

The rest of the regular priced items (bolts and notions/patterns) will be 15% off!!!  That's $1.50 off every $10 yard!  What a deal.  

Come See Us at Hickory Hill!  
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