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What a call to arms to our sewists!  I can't tell you how proud I am of our sewing community!  As of yesterday, 426 masks had been delivered to Chi St Vincent!!!  I'm thinking that deserves a great shout out - so pat yourself on the back and KEEP SEWING!

We now have requests from Conway's Regional Hospital's Urgent Care facilities, in home health services, nursing homes....and the list goes on!

I forwarded the Conway request to one of my friends, Debbie Haley, to get it to their group there to have the helping hands in that area know that the requests are coming in for their area too.  There was a mask pattern attached to that request as well.  My friend is a military specialist in chemical warefare.  Her daughter is working urgent care in Conway and has asked her mother for support.  They, as with most places, are being given one N95 mask per day.  They are using the fabric masks over the N95 to protect that mask from patient contact.  They are changing out the fabric masks that can be washed and reused between patients to conserve on the N95 supplies....that is - for those facilities that have them.  Many of the in-home health facilities are using them on patients to protect their workers.

Non-woven Stabilizer came in - 3 bolts of light weight and 1 medium weight.  No elastic!  Again, if you have elastic that you can donate, please consider doing so.  

Bring your machine in for service!  We only have two on the bench and they are waiting parts.

God bless you as you put you skills to this service!  We are making a difference!

Come see us or shop on line at Hickory Hill.  Drawing is Monday morning! 
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