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First, I want to introduce you to Julie Schrader.  Some of you remember her from when she worked at Hickory Hill years ago.  I finally sweet talked her into joining our team full time.  This gives us a full-time tech at the shop to help with your service needs.  Be sure to introduce yourself to her when here!  We have great plans moving forward in this arena so stay turned and welcome Julie!

July promises to be a fun time at Hickory Hill with new classes being offered and on-going classes at their peak for the Covid 19 season!  We have 6 beginner quilters in class right now on Tuesday afternoons and we are loving the experience!  We had to turn beginners away!  We have scheduled another class starting in August, so get your name on the list quick before it fills up.  We can only take 6.

Mastery Class is scheduled for July 17 and 18.  If you have not had Mastery on your machine and we have tried numerous times to get you in – you will need to take the initiative to enroll.  We are going to try to keep Mastery classes scheduled monthly so that we can get all new machine owners in a class within a month’s time.  July 17th is for all machine owners.  This is functionality and use training.  July 18 is for embroidery machine owners. 

Mastery is not being offered twice to the same person.  We are offering plenty of classes for you to get involved and learn your machine and new techniques.  We will give one on one training sessions for $30/hour on the questions/issues you are currently having.  Or to just get you back up and acquainted with your machine you have not used in a while. 

We are also developing a beginner sewist session to help sewers get acquainted with their machine, how to do / measure and calibrate a quarter inch seam and prepare for success with all your sewing needs.

July 21 is Fun with Embroidery and we are doing the OESD Freestanding Bowls – Picture Online.

July 22 is a new class with Sheryl White called Scrap Buster or String Buster.  Sample is hanging in the entry and picture online.

July 25th is our Charity Sew Day!  Come and use your machine on our fabric ORRR use our machine and make something for the kids at Children’s Hospital!  The kids have loved what was sent their way.  NOTE:  BRING YOUR OWN LUNCH.  WE WILL NOT BE SHARING TILL THIS VIRUS IS UNDER CONTROL!

July 29th is Fun With Kimberbel.  We will be doing cards and watercolor painting.  (Note:  We are now carrying the Kimberbel fat quarters as an alternative to carrying their bolt collection.)

July 30, 31 and 8/1:  We hope you saw the SAVE THE DATE on Facebook for our Christmas in July!  Ho Ho Ho will not be lacking those days – AND GET THOSE CHRISTMAS MASKS READY AS THERE WILL BE A CONTEST!!!  For every $10 spend those days, your name will be entered into a drawing.  There will be a door prize each day.  Sewwww have a new mask for every day and come in every day and have some fun!

Bernina is beginning their summer fling – Swissmas in July😊  Can’t wait to tell you about the fun gift with purchases and the special financing offers.

We are really picking up on in-house long arming.  Thank you for trusting us with your treasures!

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