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The first one hundred customers to purchase our Hickory Hill Bonus Bags will have 6 exclusive shopping days in 2021.  Every 5th Saturday, plus two more set aside for just the 100 Bonus Bag owners!  Anything that fits into the bag and it zips along with one item in each end pocket gets a 25% discount on Bonus Bag Days.  Every shopping day our Bonus Bag owners will enjoy a 5% discount on what they can fit into the bag as above if the bag is presented at the register to carry out purchases.
Bonus Bags1

The bags sell for $24.99.  Once they are gone, they are gone for the year.  If this goes well, next year will have a new promotion with added opportunities.  Each bag will bear the owner’s name inside and will have a list of the shopping days for 2021.

They are available online NOW!  We will hold them for you.  Come in 1/2/21 to ensure you get your color of choice!  Once the color choices are gone, there are no more coming!  So, hurry to Hickory Hill Quilts for this exclusive shopping offer!  See Facebook for additional photos.

5th Saturday, January 30th

Saturday, March 20th

5th Saturday, May 29th

5th Saturday, July 31

5th Saturday, October 30

Saturday, December 4th

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