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I kicked in my 4X4 and made it to the shop today!  Heat is on, no water leaking that I can tell, so all is good - EXCEPT THE PARKING LOT.  I am paying someone to clear it tomorrow.  With the radiant heat and some rain scheduled for Sunday, we should be good to open for Monday.

Having said that - I am pushing the Monday/Tuesday class to Tuesday/Wednesday this next week to give side roads some time to thaw out.  While the roads are beginning to be usable - they are not ready for those cute little Prius cars!  Better safe than sorry.  I'll be there Monday to let deliveries come in and serve you the best I can.  I am not asking staff to get out.  

Should anything change, I will let you all know.  Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Use good judgement and stay safe out there!
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