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Bonus Bag Day This Saturday Dec 4

The last of the Bonus Bag Days for 2021 is this Saturday.  10-4
Bring your bag!  Put it in the car today!

The new bags for 2022 will go on sale Jan 3rd at 10:00 in the store and on line. The on line shoppers will not have an advantage over locals. More than one can be purchased, but not given to one person. A single owner must be declared for each bag. They will not be shipped but held in the shop for pickup during shopping.  Shopping days have been determined and will be inside each bag and on the shop on line calendar.  Each bag will be $34.99. Every shopper will have 6 shopping days in 2022 where they get 25% off anything that fits in the bag and zips. Two items can be placed in the outside pockets. Every other day of the year bag holders get 5% off purchases that fit the same criteria. You can see the new bag this weekend!

Come see us at Hickory Hill!

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