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Call for Quilters and Quilts

Emergent Arts is partnering with the Hot Springs Cultural Alliance to bring you an exhibition of quilts set to coincide with Arts & The Park, the annual 10-day art festival (April 29 - May 8, 2022) in Hot Springs, AR. The theme for the 2022 festival will be “Creative Roots,” and celebrates the varied cultural backgrounds from which Arkansans come.

In keeping with the theme, Emergent Arts is seeking quilts for an exhibition which will run from the beginning of April to the end of May, 2022, and will overlap with Arts & The Park.

Quilts can be of new construction, or treasured family quilts that have been passed down through generations. Quilts can be gorgeously and tediously crafted, or they may contain no discernable patterns and be beautiful only to the few that understand their origins. They may be small or big; tattered, with rips at the seams or as neat as a pin. Quilts may be more art pieces that hang on the wall, or a cozy well-loved bedspread.

Our space in the gallery is limited, so we ask that you include measurements of your piece. Not all pieces will be hung, especially those that may have some instability in their construction, but may be folded and displayed upon tables. Please submit your quilt to

If your quilt has particular significance to you and your family, or a concept you would like the viewer to understand, we also ask for a written summary, in your own words, to be displayed next to your quilt. You may decline if you feel your quilt stands on its own as an aesthetic piece. Newly constructed quilts may be listed for sale through the gallery, if you are the artist/craftsperson submitting it. Emergent Arts takes a commission of 30% on every sale, while the artist takes 70%.

How to Apply:

Please send the following to by March 11, 2022

-1 image of the quilt

-dimensions of the quilt

-any pertinent information about the quilt, such as how you’d prefer it handled and displayed (more of a consideration if some of the fabrics are unstable or weak)

-a summary of the quilts origins or statement of concept (optional)

Quilts must be delivered to Emergent Arts, 341 A Whittington Ave, Hot Springs by March 19th, 2022. Please arrange a date/time with




Call for Artists!

Introducing our next Objet Trouvé Art Challenge: Altered Fabric Book!

Objet trouvé means "found object" and Emergent Arts and the Pop-Up Art Supply Shop is full of 'em! We have so much cool stuff to share with you, and we thought this would be a great way to do it.

The Objet Trouvé Art Challenge is completely free, and in fact, if you win the challenge we'll give YOU something-- a free month of membership to the Emergent Arts Studios. Our studios include a wood shop, darkroom, textile workroom, ceramics studio, and a sculpture studio. Our large studio upstairs offers the perfect place to spread out with a painting or drawing. We think a free month of 24/7 access to our space is a great prize and think you'll think so, too!

This how you play:

-Every quarter, we'll find a new object for you to use in an artwork, and you have to use it! You can add other objects of your own choosing, as well. You can paint it, cut it up and reassemble it, alter it in any way.

-We'll have a limited number of objects, so it'll be first come first serve when it comes to picking out the perfect one for you.

-For our second round, your piece must be completed by April 15th, 2022.

-Judging will be blind (meaning no one should know who made the piece of art), on social media. Do not post images of your work prior or during voting, and telling voters who's work is yours or someone else's is grounds for disqualification. These rules make the competition more fair to everyone and hopefully will keep judging from becoming a "popularity contest" rather than an honest appreciation for the art itself. The artwork which receives the most votes (likes, loves, any sort of react) will be the winner, and the artist will receive their free month of membership!

-As well as a free membership, if the artwork is easily displayed (ready to hang, not too heavy to hang, sturdily made, small enough to fit in our space), it will have a prominent place in the Circle Gallery until the next competition!

Our next item up for alteration is a fabric sample book! We also have a variety of buttons, loose fabrics, yarn, a small selection of beads and other findings you may choose from. Your finished book can incorporate any other material you desire. Pages can be painted, written or drawn on, sewn, embroidered, folded... See the pictures included in this post for inspiration!

You can drop in M-F 1-4PM, or make an appointment with You can also ask Kara any questions you might have about the challenge.


Kara Gunter

Emergent Arts Programming Director


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