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Good Evening Everyone!

We hope you are planning on coming to Inspire Club on Wednesday.  If you have any questions about your schedule or if you would like to sign up, our snow birds are out of down and we have chairs open!  Call 501-318-2739 to sign up.  You are sure to enjoy the new offerings!

Intro to Software is now set up (March 23rd 10-2) and ready for signup.  This class is for any machine user who does embroidery.  The Bernina Software can create all machine type files for export to your machine AND NOW IT IS EVEN BETTER!  If you machine has a USB it can sent the file wirelessly directly to the machine.  Come sign up and see what software can do.  After the introduction (2-4), those users who already have software but need help getting it up and running can stay and we will assist with the setup.

Software 101 is scheduled for 4/13 from 10 - 3:30.  This is getting to know your software and how to use it to create your own personalized designs or tweek those purchased designs to make them totally yours!

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