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Temperature Quilt - Quilt Along With Julie

Participation is by signup for the free class on line or in the store.

Being a lover of nature Julie has embarked on a temperature quilt and she wants you to play along!  Have you ever wanted to make one?  Are you even familiar with what one is?

A temperature quilt is a daily diary of the temperatures that occurred throughout the year in a particular place (or maybe even where you were in the world).  The story is told in fabric colors of the seasons, not words!  She is really enjoying making the one she has started; but she has noted it takes some planning and dedication. 

Participants will choose different color ranges and hues to represent the different temperature ranges of the days in 2024.  For example, blue hues can represent ranges of cold, greens for moderate temperatures and reds for hot temperatures. 

You can choose any city.  Everyone will all use the same free pattern from Canuck Quilter Designs website.  Each participant will go to their website to download the pattern at Canuck Quilter Designs.  Go to bottom of page and sign up for newsletter and get the free pattern.

You can use this website to find your temperatures for the ones you missed.

Quilt Along Guidelines:

  • Sign Up at the Cash register or on line.  No fee
  • January 1, 2024, begin recording the temperatures (High & Low) for each day.
  • Start sewing the daily temperature color blocks together, then the week, then month.
  • Bring your finished rows each month to Inspire Club to show off or
  • Rows must be presented at the shop or to on or before the 10th of the following month to receive a ticket for the quarterly drawing.  If all 3 months’ rows are done, participants will have 3 tickets in the quarterly drawing.  The drawing prize will be a $25 HHQ Gift Card. 
  • Quarterly Drawing dates:  4/10/24; 7/10/24; 10/10/24; and 1/10/25
  • Grand Prize Drawing Date:  February 5, 2025 @ 5:00  (Inspire Day)
  • To be eligible for the grand prize the Temperature Quilt Top piecing must be complete.  We will take a picture to show on a FB post of our accomplishments. 
  • The Grand Prize will be Free Quilting ($120 Value) of your Temperature Quilt! (Participants provide batting and backing.)

Julie’s Hints:

She used 12 colors for the ranges:

99 – 107      75 – 82      51 – 58    26 - 34

91 – 98        67 – 74      43 – 50    17 - 26

83 – 90        59 – 66      35 – 42    16 – below

Fabric Estimations:

So for the top 2 ranges and the bottom ranges - ¼ yard.

The 8 temps in the middle - 1/3 yard.

Plus the background amount in the pattern.

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