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It’s 2:30 on Wednesday.  We made a trip out to the shop this morning (I have 4X4).  We went across the Balboa Dam and then back through the west gate.  The roads are improving but shaded areas and minor roads are still solid ice.  (Mine and Julie’s Included)  They have not even been plowed.  I just looked at Fountain Lake and they have not posted whether they will be closed yet, but we are going to be closed again tomorrow 1/18/24 for a snow day. 

Skip and I cut thermal ruts down to grade to hope to start the thaw, but there is no way that is going to happen overnight.  I’ve asked someone to clear the parking lot, but who knows if he will get to me.  Mother nature has spoken and I have to listen!  Hope you are all quilting.  I know I am!

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